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EcoBuilding Workshops

training to work with nature and to build like birds on the

upper east side of a survival dream

Water Management Solutions
for Off-grid Houses and Gardens

Ateliere practice (ecobuilding)

Off-grid water management in climate change: realizare instalații pentru resursele de apă pluvială și apă subterană, soluții de ecologizare a apelor gri.

Tencuieli DIY: 

tencuială de bază din argilă, paie, nisip și de tencuială de finisaj din pastă de var, puf de papură și nisip  și izolație cu stuf / cu Adriana Chiruta și Felician Chiruță

Tehnică japoneză yakisugi pentru tratarea lemnului

Design și realizare obiecte de mobilier exterior / interior din lemn prelucrat prin yakisugi / platformă exterioară și prispă, bibliotecile Carambachului,  izolație exterioară și podea / cu Hans Scherer

Construcție a unei pivnițe (cu ajutorul unei echipe de muncitori) și asigurarea unor maluri argiloase cu piatră.


EcoBuilding Workshops

training to work with nature 

building like birds on the upper east side of a survival dream


In 2017, 15 364 scientists from 184 countries signed “Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice”. This document came as a continuation of the first notice “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity”, penned in 1992 by the Union of Concerned Scientists with more than 1700 independent scientists, including the majority of Nobel laureates of that time. These two moments probably marked the largest gatherings of brainpower ever to happen on the face of Earth. Both warnings cautioned that: “a great change in our stewardship of the Earth and the life on it is required, if vast human misery is to be avoided.” "Stewardship of the Earth" is used in the sense of taking care of, of caring for, of doing the necessary things for someone who needs help or protection, of treating something in such a way that it stays in good condition. In one word of loving. The largest gathering of brainpower ever to happen on the face of Earth reached this simple conclusion: that the distance between humanity and its vast misery can be accurately measured by our capacity of loving the Earth and the life on it. As simple and as elegant as that. Our ecobuilding workshops reunited under the name of building like birds on the upper east side of a survival dream are an invitation to see, practically, how architecture can do that.




Water Management Solutions for

Off-Grid houses and gardens



Inspiring ourselves from different works presented in architectural biennales as the beautiful Con-nect-ed-ness curated by Marianne Krogh, or in different off-grid projects around the world, we will devise together with specialists from different fields (a meteorologist and others) the best way to use underground and rain water in Carambach for the house, for the gardens and also for other projets that we`ll have in mind. We will check also some practical suggestions from other cultures, as expressed from instance in the Edward S. Morse`s splendid monography published in 1886 Japanese Homes and Their Sorroundings.




DIY Plastering

Reed & Wood Insulating and Roofing


This will the most attuned with building like birds theme of the ecobuilding workshops of this summer school, as we will use materials that in their vast majority will be quite near the land: the clay from behind the house, straw and reed not from far away, milk and flour, rediscovering also how reed and wood are fascinating materials when it comes to insulating and roofing.   



Yakisugi technique for outdoor

and indoor woodworks


Using for some years already in Carambach this technique that magically embellish, giving also a longer life, to even the most seemingly lost and unlucky pieces of wood, transforming them into a beautiful piece of a chair or of a platform to sit comfortably in to read, to have a good discussion with friends or contemplate nature, Yakisugi is definitely a technique worth practicing.  

From insulating the west walls, as to provide warmth to the building in the sunset in the sunny days of winter, to giving the silky, irresistible texture to the floor or indoor platforms, or to save the wood planks bought from the so frequently disrespectful to nature forestry industry of Romania, this simple and inexpensive method can provide some elegant building and designing solutions.  






Designing an office/nest for our

Fragile Penguins on the Edge of Gravitational Waves` research group


In this invented country for artist, architects & scientists, how would the attic of Carambach`s would be if transformed into an office of our research and further experimentations of  polyphonic, collaborative architectures for democratic, non-authoritarian, non-discriminatory, responsible social and political relations?

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