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”What does it mean to make art or to be an artist ? Is it just about appearing on a stage or presenting an object of art in a gallery, waiting for admiration and applause? But what if it means much more ? What if it means, for example, to transform your own life and all that surrounds you into art ? Or, as humanly as possible, to turn people around into artists? Adriana Chiruta’s positive but equally critical spirit is beyond the answer to these questions; she believes that in today’s world of multiple crises, sometimes surrounded by cruelty and heartbreaking injustice, we need, on an ever-widening scale, some social training in respect and care for our own fragility and sensitivity."

Anca Verona Mihuleț

”Using 'art' as a device for navigating passionately in her life and also working the logical and practical conditions that allow 'freedom' to be also lived, not only conceptualized, Adriana Chiruta invites you to 'occupy the stage of your own life', personally, socially and politically. ”

Iris Ordean and Isabelle Henrion

”No words to say how much Adriana can cocreate and make participants zoom in with what she does."​​

Raluca Bârsan (ingineer & coach of Design Thinking School @ ULBS)
”Adriana's workshops were and always are an occasion for joy, relaxed play, exploration of the body and its limits, intimacy and community. Her contained practices help you breathe fully and give freedom to the imagination of the child inside you.​”
Luiza Alecsandru (artist & journalist)

"A unique psychological experiment... between dreaminess, consciousness, self-evaluation, relaxation and psychosomatic balancing."​

Liana Ramona Botoc (journalist)

A radically iconoclast theatre director, passionate by contemporary dance, and with a philosophical background focused mainly on logic, cognitive sciences and social design through art and architecture, her main passion is to create frames in which the spectators` involvement can be viewed as works of art. Through different participatory and cross-media processes, in her visual artworks she devises performative circumstances that stimulate the public to perform, to jump into the game spontaneously ...


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