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CARAMBACH, a(nother) country project

life-art project

2014 – ongoing

There was and still is a long discussion in Romania about the lack of a coherent vision united in a country project. In 2014, I decided to play entirely in my own scenario by making a country project, but one for another country, for an invented country. Still under construction, this started as a four hands score of 8 years work together with Felician Chiruță.


I`ve named it CARAMBACH and it can be described as:

| an intermingled state of life and art,

| a contemporary art (mainly performative) ecolaboratory,

| an experiment of freedom and independent living / thinking / working  in this precarious  & fund-cutting  times  for arts, culture and human research and sciences,

| a temporary residence for independent artists, architects, writers, scientists, philosophers and other endangered human species. It is also a temporary home for people of uncompromising nature, activists for human & forests & animals` rights, for whom freedom and critical social thinking are the major driving force and ingredients of their life and work.

| a contemplative viewpoint over the nature`s rhythms, relations, structures, movements and complex simplicity (as unavoidable masters of any human creation).

needs your friendship!

For sustaining Carambach in a win win situation, please join me in the ANATOMY OF HAPPINESS workshops and invite your friends to be part of our community.

Let`s meet!

”A fantastic workshop, which will provide you different dance, performance art, and acting techniques to influence your state of mind.

I went there with other psychology students and we can confirm it was very beneficial.”
Risa Mano-Cârneală (photographer and psychology student, Kobo Abe`s niece)




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