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neutral body & active relaxation
Kunstquartier Bethanien 
Mariannenplatz 2 

11th of May,
7PM to 9.30PM


A delicious menu of exercises and techniques of action and concentration through relaxation, some of them used for hundreds of years in oriental theater! Just to help us feel that we are much more present, creative & effective when we free our body and mind from unnecessary fears and tensions. This workshop is for you and your friends/coworkers, if you want to have at hand in the future some simple techniques to relax even in difficult situations and to act out of ease and pleasure, not out of strain and worry. We will also learn to embody some natural dynamics that can help you advance toward your desires and dreams and avoid blockages, freeze or procrastination. This workshop is the first part of The Anatomy of Happiness, a practical guide to relaxation, a survival toolbox  filled with simple and pleasurable exercises, that you can repeat on your own, after the workshop, whenever you like, simple exercises that dissolve in time the unnecessary tensions (some crystallized in the body since childhood) and the burnout or depressive potential those tensions might bring in our lives. 

Looking forward to dance this Anti-Burnout Dance with you!




dance your way out
of victim patterns

12th of May,
7PM to 9.30PM 

A set of superior status exercises from improvisation and some oriental techniques of minimal resistance and decided action. All to get rid of bodily victim patterns and to elegantly and with all our immensity move out of those power relations that reduce us to much less than we are. This is the first extended body workshop in this series  and the second part of The Anatomy of Happiness, a practical guide to self-empowerment.  helping us STOP feeding the part of our minds that produces and directs self-sabotaging scenarios of fear and distrust in ourselves.

We will explore, with some simple and pleasurable exercises of extended body/mind and amplification of breathing and voice, our immensity, silencing the voice of inner critic with one intention in our mind: to live our lives with more pleasure, strength and ease. And to start occupying our own stage instead of just applauding others!

”For me, The Anatomy of Happiness is about connection, self-care, love of yourself, love of your natural beauty, embrace of the universe.”

Bianca Grosu (psychotherapist)

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dancing with your
body of imagination

18th of May 
7PM to 9.30PM

The dreamer's brain resembles the brains of top scientists & artists because of this talent to open up new possibilities, moving beyond habits and limiting beliefs, to the unpredictable, to where the dance with life really starts. We have no idea what will happen tomorrow, none of us! But there is something about our lives as dreamers that helps us be more prepared for the unpredictable and even for crisis during our waking hours. This is exactly what we will explore in this workshop, the second extended body and mind workshop in this series: ways to activate our dreaming neuronal paths even when we are fully awake. The idea is of creating, with the help of dreams narratives, scores for enhanced and unexpected mobility, enlarging consequently emotional and mental life as well. The latest researches in sleep and dream neuroscience showed that dreams are essential tools for our problem-solving abilities and that the permeability between dreaming states and waking states is much larger than we thought before. Dreams are very effective rehearsals for crisis situations. So, dear dreamers, let`s train together and dance with our splendid bodies of imagination!


YESes & NOs or
how NOT to plant
a baobab in

emotional body / 
relational body workshop

19th of May,
7PM to 9.30PM


We all have our healthy positive and negative attitudes, our moments when we are pushing something away from us or when we are pulling something toward us, because we need it. We all have our legitimate, valid, yeses or no`s, ideally helping us find nurturing contexts and grow. Just think how many hours of therapy are used worldwide to find and affirm our healthy YESes and NOs, helping us shifting the toxic part of our relations, with ourselves included, in more fair ones. In this workshop, we will incorporate some rules of fair, healthy  and harmonious relationships with ourselves and others. We will reduce dissociation from our own emotions, body and valid needs and deblock that trap of staying in a narrow range of emotions or movements. Though it takes some training to listen to what, as a coping mechanism, many of us learned to ignore, some of us even from childhood, this training of expressing our emotional/ relational bodies signals is a good step toward our own authenticity, toward more pleasure to live and toward the main ingredient of best relationships, including with ourselves.

Join me to dance that ingredient and the delicious joy for life it brings!

What would it be like for your life to become a work of art, a show in which to breathe and play with pleasure, rising spectacularly (how else?) from all the challenges and all the falls.

I happened to think about it often, art saving my life countless times since childhood, with its lessons of flying and exiting with a certain amount of grace even from great human suffering.

After decades of artistic practice, passion for human cognition and deepening human behavior with some great masters of the international stage, I can offer you some simple, easy and often funny tools and trainings, which, practiced on your own after meeting me, can gradually transform your life into a work of art and a desirable show. 

These workshops are the result of over 20 years of practices and explorations in the area of Eastern and Western theatrical forms, contemporary dance and improvisation, all combined with
my background in philosophy, cognitive sciences and passion for new research related to resilience through art, post-traumatic growth through some practical, simple ways, available to each of us in everyday life.
Multimedia artist, philosopher, performing arts professional & cultural manager, Adriana Chiruta lives and works in Berlin and in her main life-art project she called Carambach, an invented "country" for artists and scientists in Transylvania which will function as an ecostructure for contemporary art. A radically iconoclast theatre director, passionate by contemporary dance, and with a philosophical background focused mainly on logic, cognitive sciences and social design through architecture, her main passion is to create frames in which the spectators` involvement can be viewed as works of art. She devises circumstances that stimulate the public to perform, to jump into the game spontaneously. All her works and workshops emerge out of this drive of changing the political paradigm of art by encouraging the public to occupy, personally, socially and politically the stage, instead of just applauding others.

”Adriana invites her visitors to be subjects of art (sujets d`art), becoming part of the work proposed by her with their own breath, their own body and micro-movements. What does it mean to make art or to be an artist ? Is it just about appearing on a stage or presenting an object of art in a gallery, waiting for admiration and applause? But what if it means much more ? What if it means, for example, to transform your own life and all that surrounds you into art ? Or, as humanly as possible, to turn people around into artists? Adriana Chiruta’s positive but equally critical spirit is beyond the answer to these questions; she believes that in today’s world of multiple crises, sometimes surrounded by cruelty and heartbreaking injustice, we need, on an ever-widening scale, some social training in respect and care for our own fragility and sensitivity."
Anca Verona Mihuleț, curator & art historian

”Using 'art' as a device for navigating passionately in her life and also working the logical and practical conditions that allow 'freedom' to be also lived, not only conceptualized, Adriana Chiruta invites you to 'occupy the stage of your own life', personally, socially and politically.  Fusioning her background as a theatre director and philosopher, she has envisioned a series of training exercises, aimed at transforming the simplest events in the human life into a meditation upon the voluntary act of embodying 'art'.
Iris Ordean & Isabelle Henrion
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