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online: 4, 11, 18, 25 April from 19 to 21 Berlin Time 


1st Module:  Active relaxation and anti-burnout techniques

1st training: Active Relaxation / Artistic Mindfulness / Neutral Body / Shoshin
2nd training: Active Relaxation / Natural Dynamics / Embracing Your Emotional Body


2nd Module: Extended body and escapes out of the victim patterns

3rd training: Extended Body and the Power of Embodied Imagination 

4th training: Decided Body and High Status

50% discount for Early Birds (until 31 of March)

50% discount for duo registrations (with a partner or friend)

100% discount for your kids (preferably over 7 years old for a better focus)



If you believe that happiness needs to be trained, practiced, even from kindergartens, not just talked or dreamt about, reserve your spot now and enjoy this opportunity to dive deep into your ANATOMY OF HAPPINESS, unlocking your true potential for navigating life's challenges with easiness, force and grace.

In this online intensive workshop, we will explore valuable anti-burnout, anti-depressant and anti-bullying tools, inspired by some best oriental and occidental dance and theater practices used by the most relaxed and magnetic performers.

So, are you ready to offer yourself 8 hours of training for happiness

Simply to:

  • boost your well-being,

  • elevate your mindset

  • enhance your inner strength,

  • learn how to relax even in difficult situations and to act out of relaxation and pleasure, not out of tension or fear

  • discover easy ways to empower yourself in your daily life, silencing the voice of inner and outer critics

  • find a sense of balance, hope, confidence and prioritize well-being

  • enjoy the best shows even on the most difficult stages of life

  • contribute as a pacifist to the creation of a community of support for our happiness and of those around us (human & non-human as well), embarking together on a journey towards a more fulfilling life and a more desirable future!


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Anatomy of Happiness is a happy survival toolkit of attitudes and practices that help us STOP feeding the part of our minds that produces and directs self-sabotaging scenarios. This workshop is for you, your friends or coworkers and even your children (including your inner one), if you want to embody and have at hand in the future some simple techniques for:

  • entering a relaxed/neutral body even in complicated situations,


  • respecting the natural dynamics that can help you advance toward your dreams for this life and avoid blockages, freeze or procrastination,

  • growing receptivity to your own emotional body with its legitimate yeses and no's,

  • extended body/mind and amplification of breathing and voice,

  • exploring, in daily life situations, the power of imagination when it overcomes the wishful thinking phase and makes common body with your own body, breath and voice, becoming intention and freeing ourselves from self-sabotaging tendencies. 

Anatomia fericirii ro baza_edited_edited.jpg

”For me, the Anatomy of Happiness is about connection, self-care, love of yourself, love of your natural beauty, embrace of the universe.”

Bianca Grosu (psychotherapist)

"Adriana's workshops were and always are an occasion for joy, relaxed play, exploration of the body and its limits, intimacy and community. Her contained practices help you breathe fully and give freedom to the imagination of the child inside you."​

Luiza Alecsandru (journalist & artist)

”For me Anatomy of Happiness was a challenge. I surprised myself that I liked it very much. And I really needed 'something' to get me out of my mental fortress. A cheerful reverence from Rîpa.” 

Cătălin Savin (musician)

The Anatomy of Happiness, may seem complicated, but it is simple. I liked Adriana's sessions, because they helped me be present and relaxed no matter what mood I was entering the workshop with. I love dancing and yet I equally enjoyed the moments when I was just sitting in constructive rest position. Thank you, Adriana!”

Raluca Bârsan (engineer, Design Thinking Coach @ ULSB D-School)

”A first confession tonight: I forced my spine more than I expected carrying something heavy. I had serious pain, especially in the lumbar area. That was at noon. Over the course of the evening I did the Ancestral Serpent three times and the Rest Position twice. I felt from one session to another how my condition was improving! Now I'm (almost) like new! Sensational!
Thanks a lot!"

Felician Chiruță (writer)

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As a theater director, philosopher and multimedia artist, it will be a pleasure for me to train you in some of the best occidental and oriental practices from performing arts, with a series of beautiful, efficient shortcuts and simple, relaxing exercises that will help you perform more pleasurably your present and your future.
(more about me)

This workshop is the result of over 20 years of practices and explorations in the area of Eastern and Western theatrical forms, improvisation and contemporary dance, all combined with my background in philosophy, cognitive sciences and passion for new research related to resilience through art and post-traumatic growth. In the two modules each consisting of three weekly online sessions, we will befriend, with simple and enjoyable exercises, some well-being resources that are within us in each moment of our life, exploring two territories of ourselves:

Neutral Body and Active Relaxation: Practices of release from our usual patterns of tension, some crystallized in the body since childhood and read by the mind in the key of blocking and exhausting scenarios of fear and distrust in ourselves. I will offer you some simple and pleasurable exercises, that you can repeat on your own whenever you like, simple exercises that dissolve in time the unnecessary tensions from our bodies and the burnout or depressive potential those tensions might bring in our lives.  

Extended body/mind and ways out of the victim patterns: practices of flexibility, strength and embodiment of a type of constructive imagination, much more friendly with us than the self-sabotaging imagination and its inner critic`s ruminations. We will also explore, with some simple and pleasurable exercises, our immensity, finding ways to get rid of the victim patterns and start living our lives with more pleasure, strength and ease. 


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