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How NOT to Plant a Baobab in Greenland

a board game for post-apocalyptique relations 

in Now the impulse is to live! curated by Raluca Voinea  @ CCA Topocentrala, Sofia, 2022



 the kiss | piece (peace) for women and pollinating insects | we all cry the same way

3 video works and an audio intro

in PAV_platforma de arte vizuale initiated & produced Dan Perjovschi in the frame of Documenta 15

technical support: Hans Scherer

curator: Iris Ordean

Sibiu, 2022

An ecofeminist reminder of love and respect for the finesse and fragility of life, in a world more and more affected by violence and avoidable sufferance.


Techniques to get out of

the needle for those who

believe they are butterflies

| performative installation with video, sound, 11 techniques of micro-movement and a collective ritual for sensitive people

Presented in CHRONICLES OF THE FUTURE SUPERHEROES curated by Anca Verona Mihuleț at Kunsthalle Bega, Romania, 2021

”Adriana Chiruta’s installation, which stretches throughout Kunsthalle Bega’s exhibition hall with text fragments on the floor and walls, is the only kind of element that can survive in this space of minimalist architecture. The poetic approach might turn every reaction to it into art, becoming the most subtle work of the exhibition.“

Maximilian Lehner, Blok Magazine

Tasting life series

3 performative installations

april, 2019, Saint-Brieuc, Villa Rohannec'h


During ”A villa of one’s own. A mobile residency for 10 actors and 2 locations”

curated by Anca Verona Mihuleț, Iris Ordean & Isabelle Henrion,

Romania - France Season 2019


”Using 'art' as a device for navigating passionately in her life and also working the logical and practical conditions that allow 'freedom' to be also lived, not only conceptualized, Adriana Chiruta invites you to 'occupy the stage of your own life', personally, socially and politically. During her time in residency at the Villa Rohannec'h, the artist has been developing the first three acts of the artistic corpus Tasting Life Series: 'as if someone had let fall a shade' (no. 1), 'reality is a matter of taste' (no. 2) and '3 minutes of nothing to do' (no. 3). The three performative installations are an invitation to savor life thoroughly in order to arrive to what is profoundly human and more significant in all of us, trying this way to free the mind from the danger of reductionism and uniformisation, which the artist sees as diseases, contaminating society and nations. Fusioning her background as a theatre director and philosopher, she has envisioned a series of training exercises, aimed at transforming the simplest events in the human life into a meditation upon the voluntary act of embodying 'art'. How can simple daily events, like gazing, taking a break, moving aimlessly or just playing with stains from the last lunch on a used table paper cloth, or simply a cry, be interpreted as instruments which brings together 'reality' with the creative Self? An attempt to a response can be through switching, by engaging the bodies and the senses of the visitors, the contemplative focus to ourselves, as 'sujets d'art', rather than to exterior 'art' objects and mechanisms, one usually searches for when one is formatted to perform the role of the art consumer.”

Iris Ordean and Isabelle Henrion

Dreamers 8.png
fitness for dreamers
Dreamers 6.png

fitness for dreamers | 

laboratory of research and training in anarcho-surrealist languages

performing collective dreaming scores

mai, 2019, Cetate

Produced during ”A villa of one’s own. A mobile residency for 10 actors and 2 locations” curated by Anca Verona Mihuleț, Iris Ordean & Isabelle Henrion, Romania - France Season 2019.

dreamers guide: Adriana Chiruta

dreamers stimulator: Anca Verona Mihuleț

performers: Adriana Spînu, Larisa Popa, Monica Predescu, Florentin Simion

dreams collectors: Tania Chițu, Alin Constantin, Deky Curcan, Denisa Pătru, Larisa Popa, Monica Predescu, Daria Ionela Prună, Cosmin Sbârcea, Florentin Simion, Adriana Spînu, Erica Vieru

Thanks to the Gheorghe Vasilichi Theoretical Highschool principal, Ms. Claudia Ilie.

CARAMBACH, a(nother) country project

life art project

2014 – ongoing

CARAMBACH, a(nother) country project

life art project

2014 – ongoing



a(nother) country project

main life-art project

2014 – ongoing

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