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Techniques to get out of the needle for those who believe they are butterflies


Presented in CHRONICLES OF THE FUTURE SUPERHEROES  curated by Anca Verona Mihuleț at Kunsthalle Bega, Romania, 2021-2022

as a performative installation with video,


11 techniques of micro-movement

and a collective ritual for sensitive people


and at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, 2023-2024

as a two-channel video installation

and a sound intervention in the elevator

”Adriana Chiruta’s installation, which stretches throughout Kunsthalle Bega’s exhibition hall with text fragments on the floor and walls, is the only kind of element that can survive in this space of minimalist architecture. The poetic approach might turn every reaction to it into art, becoming the most subtle work of the exhibition.“

Maximilian Lehner, Blok Magazine


”Adriana Chiruta, a theatre director and philosophy graduate, uses her atmospheric punch lines scattered throughout the exhibit area to remind us of the brain’s innate capacity for creativity. This is how Chiruta engages his audience: with texts like “You shake as a crimson algae on the bottom of the ocean” and “Life blooms in a huge empty space.”. As a surrealist, she believes that art has the power to save the world. With Chiruta’s works, I’ve been forced to re-evaluate what we do in a culture that’s plagued by an inability to attribute cause. Through her art, she expresses her desire to heal both the social and personal evils of the world, as well as her own personal trauma in a ritual for sensitive people. As Chiruta points out in a brief video presentation of her technique, it’s not yet clear whether art can save the planet. But if we adjust our focus, we come across something a little more obstinate, resistant to the polarization, us-them, inside versus outside, in place versus out of place.”

Alex Mirutziu, Contemporary Lynx


”Similarly putting forward delicate propositions for introspection, Adriana Chiruta’s text works (all 2021) enveloped the empty spaces between installations in the gallery. Her words, whether serving as curious instructions (“whisper the sound oooooooo/melting yourself/like a piece of black chocolate”) or meditative provocations (“life blooms in a huge empty space”), have a magnitude as earnest appeals to the viewer.”

Anna Harsanyi, Art Asia Pacific


Liviana Dan: The Hall [Kunsthalle Bega] is an unusual space, very hard to conquer; it is not only flooring, corners and walls  […]. In the same time it functions by following some rules of light and always the light is on the side of the curator. It`s very interesting because usually the space is rather provoking us than helping us. Or here the light helps and in this theoretical light, I like a lot the installation with written sentences. I really find them quite radical! In an exhibition so powerfull, a rebel exhibition, to enter with some very sharp, clear and sometimes dour.

Anca Verona Mihuleț: ”The work Liviana is talking about is Adriana Chiruta`s. I was telling Adriana: Adriana your work is the silk from the end, the veil, you have to wait for us to finish, and after that to let it wave, because otherwise we will not succeed.”

Liviana Dan and Anca Verona Mihuleț in a interview with Mihaela Dedeoglu at Radio France International.

"For Adriana Chiruta, who is at her first participation in an art exhibition in Romania, Techniques to get out of the needle for those who believe they are butterflies is first and foremost a declaration of love. Then it is the basis of a discipline focused on non-aggression and poetic respect for our fragility and the world, gently aiming to reduce the tension and suffering around us. Adriana invites her visitors to be subjects of art (sujets d`art), becoming part of the work proposed by her with their own breath, their own body and micro-movements. The installation, which discreetly colonises the exhibition space by means of 11 fragments of text, video and sound, starts from the belief that people and their societies can be saved through art. What does it mean to make art or to be an artist ? Is it just about appearing on a stage or presenting an object of art in a gallery, waiting for admiration and applause ? But what if it means much more ? What if it means, for example, to transform your own life and all that surrounds you into art ? Or, as humanly as possible, to turn people around into artists? Techniques represents a small attempt to perform this aesthetic and social change. Adriana Chiruta’s positive but equally critical spirit is beyond the answer to these questions; she believes that in today’s world of multiple crises, sometimes surrounded by cruelty and heartbreaking injustice, we need, on an ever-widening scale, some social training in respect and care for our own fragility and sensitivity."


Anca Verona Mihuleț


"Using art to gently aim at reducing tension and suffering in us and around us, Adriana Chiruta invites you into a dance with the finest, untraumatized and non-traumatic possibilities of your own future; in a ritual of the sensitive, in a practice of nonaggression and respect for our fragility and that of everything around us."

Sequances from a workshop Techniques to get out of the needle for those who believe they are butterflies presented at Kunsthalle Bega for architects, psychologists, artists, teachers and students

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