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to Plant

a Baobab

in Greenland

a board game for post-apocalyptic relationships

How NOT to plant a baobab

How NOT to Plant a Baobab in Greenland is designed for people who plan to live and work together, from couples to partners, from organizations to communities. Based on each participant`s survival dance styles, needs and ways of inhabiting Earth, this can be also used by architects as a tool for mapping more profoundly their clients’ requirements, in order to propose spaces that are not useless or, even worse, detested by their inhabitants, but rather help them harmonize themselves with the humans and with the nature

How NOT to Plant a Baobab in GreenlandAdriana Chiruta
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around. In our world of multiple crises, where all the conflicts and wars show us more and more obviously that the quality of our relationships, or the lack of it, extends or shortens our life on earth, good relationships, with nature included, may indicate, in fact, if we have any future at all. Sustainability and resilience depend mainly on them. Finding out in what places and groups to ”plant” ourselves in order to gain a future is simply the reward of this game for post-apocalyptic relationships. Enjoy it!

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