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Democracy is not a guvernment form that once installed, functions automatically as an "insurance company" for the civil rights of the citizens. The rights that we belive to be warranted by the state: the right to property, freedom of expression, healthy environment and even our right to life may one day dissapear if we don`t renounce to this false "insurance company" guarded by the mainstream of the politics and if we do not start to see democracy as a dynamical apparition, evanescent and extremely fragile, impossible without collective action and constant testing.

Adriana Chiruta

SMART MOBS IMPRO it`s about a performative contribution to the culture of protest through a combination between smart mobs theory and some improvisation techniques. It`s main goal is of creating actions that might (re)vitalize the democratic reflexes of the public space users & public institutions users.


Smart Mob = a Howard Rheingold`s concept defining an informed, creative, active and intelligent group, as opposed to the usual connotations of mobs.


Group Mind = a phenomenon described by Del Close. It is the pick of the crop in theatrical improvisation, it`s getting mellow when the mind of a group gets more intelligent than any mind of its individuals.

Performative democracy = imposing in a nonviolent manner the political will of citizens through performative actions created collaboratively through improvisation techniques.


a performative democracy workshop


The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj -Napoca, 2013, Temps d`Images Festival


If you are interested in a SMART MOBS IMPRO workshop for an enhance of the intelligence and creativity of the group you are working with, please contact me at:

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