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workshop / collective ritual for sensitive

"Using art to gently aim at reducing tension and suffering in us and around us, Adriana Chiruta invites you into a dance with the finest, untraumatized and non-traumatic possibilities of your own future; in a ritual of the sensitive, in a practice of nonaggression and respect for our fragility and that of everything around us."

Sequances from a workshop Techniques to get out of the needle for those who believe they are butterflies presented at Kunsthalle Bega for architects, psychologists, artists, teachers and students

The idea of the Techniques... both as a workshop and as a contemporary artwork, came to me in the hypnagogic state, before entering sleep and dream. Maybe because what I exhibited in gallery or museum spaces (Kunsthalle Bega and MNAC) is actually just a pretext, a layer for planting my favorite dream:
to transform my audience into a work of art, to use art as a tool to overcome our sufferings and to transform ourselves and the societies we live in into less traumatized or traumatic versions.

The workshop I propose now in the formula of individual sessions or duo sessions (with partners, friends) invites you to a training with 11 techniques of release from the blockages of trauma automatisms and from the roles of victim and / or aggressor. These techniques are built on some secrets of oriental and western theater / dance that have awakened my admiration over time and which I had the chance to learn from several masters of the international stage.

It is a complex workout but also simple, relaxing and often funny, a kind of game and generator of smiles that can lead to the practical realization of this dream:
to transform ourselves into works of art, to make our emotional, bodily and mental habits more flexible in order to find ourselves in all our strength, immensity and splendor. 

The purpose of these 11 needle exit techniques for those who think of themselves as butterflies is you. 

What are we going to do? 
We will basically work with some simple ingredients of our daily lives that we usually ignore: breathing, imagination, vibration of sounds and their bodily effect, posture and how seemingly trivial elements of our usual postures determine our roles and some life scenarios in which we sometimes do not want to play.
To change them to more desirable roles and scenarios, we will deal with:


* Awareness of mental and emotional scenarios induced by even the smallest strains in the body, for example of the psoas muscle or cervical area or tongue or eyes, and relaxing them through a few trauma-sensitive techniques.

* Extended body, palpable energy of imagination and techniques to cease sabotaging dialogue with what in improvisation is called "inner critic" = "you can't, you are not as you should be, give up" 

* The rhythmicity and dynamic geometry of emotions and the possibility to alternate, by unlocking and flexibility, a wide range of emotions (ie movement, emotions being primarily impulses of movement - emoves, emotus)

* The basic rhythm of harmonious growth in nature through cooperation with ourselves and others, which the Japanese call Jo Ha Kyu

* Shoshin (or the mental state of zero point and spontaneity in improvisation: "on the edge of the breath, looking"), the hara energy center and the neutral body, freed from the strains of past suffering so that it can breathe and dance its present.


To fortify our talent to move in the spectacle of our own lives with less exhaustion, with more inventiveness and the power to put our own dreams into practice beyond the obstacles around us.

To relate as nourishingly as possible to ourselves, our valid needs and each other, and gracefully step out of relationships and power games that are toxic to us and our real potential.

Through some exercises and techniques of action and concentration through relaxation, we will understand that we are much more present and stronger when we free our body and mind from unnecessary fears and tensions and that we do not need to strain unnecessarily and risk states of exhaustion and anxiety to achieve extraordinary things.

We will travel fascinatingly through the EXTENDED BODY / BODY OF IMAGINATION so that our dance with reality will be as interesting and enjoyable as possible in the future.

We will explore ourselves beyond the social masks to which we are often reduced, we will incorporate the rules of correct and harmonious relationships with ourselves, so that dissociation from our own emotions, body and valid needs, or situations in which we remain trapped and powerless in a narrow and often harmful range of emotions, will happen in the future as rarely and to a lesser extent as possible.

For whom?

This training is for adults interested in getting out of the automatisms and blockages of the body, trauma and toxic situations, even more so if they are parents.

The workshop is recommended for parents or those that want to become parents, not only because usually the stress of being a parent unwillingly amplifies the automatisms of the trauma body and toxic situations we went through from our childhoods till now, but also because your children will love the exercises in which I will train you and which you can then repeat with them whenever you want and whenever you need to bring more relaxation,  strength and pleasure in your lives.
You will adore playing together the trembling algae in the ocean, the dark chocolate melting in complete relaxation, the magnolia petal falling gently on the surface of a quiet lake (inspired by an aikido technique), the gigantic mountain, the fluffy cloud in a clear summer sky, or the returning to your chest as in a welcoming home where you have not been for a long time,  or the gigantic and beneficent sun in your belly, giving you energy, strength and relaxation or playing with your own immensity because yes, life blooms in a huge empty space so nothing pressures us.
This workshop is the result of over 20 years of practices and explorations in the area of Eastern and Western theatrical forms, contemporary dance and improvisation, all combined with
my background in philosophy, cognitive sciences and passion for new research related to resilience through art, post-traumatic growth and practical ways, available to anyone in everyday life, to unlock from the automatisms of trauma.

Techniques for getting out of the needle for those who believe they are butterflies is also a multimedia / video / sound / performative installation in the international exhibition Chronicles of future superheroes curated by Anca Verona Mihuleț at Kunsthalle Bega (Timisoara, 2021-2023) and from November 2, 2023 to March 31, 2024 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Bucharest).

More about me here 

More details & registrations:
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"For Adriana Chiruta Techniques to get out of the needle for those who believe they are butterflies is first and foremost a declaration of love. Then it is the basis of a discipline focused on non-aggression and poetic respect for our fragility and the world, gently aiming to reduce the tension and suffering around us.

Adriana invites her visitors to be subjects of art (sujets d`art), becoming part of the work proposed by her with their own breath, their own body and micro-movements.

The installation starts from the belief that people and their societies can be saved through art.


What does it mean to make art or to be an artist?

Is it just about appearing on a stage or presenting an object of art in a gallery, waiting for admiration and applause? But what if it means much more? What if it means, for example, to transform your own life and all that surrounds you into art? Or, as humanly as possible, to turn people around into artists?


Techniques represents a small attempt to perform this aesthetic and social change.

Adriana Chiruta’s positive but equally critical spirit is beyond the answer to these questions; she believes that in today’s world of multiple crises, sometimes surrounded by cruelty and heartbreaking injustice, we need, on an ever-widening scale, some social training in respect and care for our own fragility and sensitivity."


1st edition Kunsthalle Bega

2nd edition National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania

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