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How NOT to plant a baobab


(for the circle of all players of the exhibition)


Answering each question, please choose just one card from each pair. It will be either NATURE or HUMANS (green or grey), either ACTIVE or CONTEMPLATIVE (red or violet) and so on.

Place the 6 chosen cards from each pair in the circle and leave it there.

The goal is to find out at the end of the exhibition how a community made by the visitors of Now the Impulse is to Live would look like. How much nature, how much hedonism, how much sharing resources or need for regeneration or for action it will have? 

Thank you for participating!

(for the circle for friends and partners)


You have 10 cards for each pair of choices, colored differently on back and front. Each card represents 10%, making together 100%. Without seeing the choices of your co-players, answer the questions and choose the percentage and cards that best fit your needs or qualities (for instance 30% CONTEMPLATIVE = 3 cards on the violet part, 70% ACTIVE = 7 cards on the red part and so on).


Then place them in the circle together with your co-players. You can now see and explore yours and your friends inhabiting imprint!

When you are done, please put back the cards as you found them, so the next visitors can play too.

Thank you for participating!

For further interpretations and feedbacks, please send me a message with the photo of your circle and your friends here:

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