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How about finding ways of using our dreaming brains (dreaming neuronal paths) when we are fully awake, developing thus a dreaming lucidity (as a reverse of lucid dreaming)?

This workshop is a practical continuation of fitness for dreamers manifesto (2013) an extension to dream narratives of my concept of cognitive choreographies blending performative researches with logic and cognitive sciences. The idea of this dreamers` fitness is of creating, with the help of dreams, scores for enhanced and unexpected mobility, enlarging consequently emotional and mental life as well. The latest researches in sleep and dream neuroscience (D. Barrett & P. McNamara, Baylor G. W. & Deslauriers D., Cartwright R., E. Hartmann, J. A. Hobson, & so on) showed that dreams are essential tools for our problem-solving abilities and that the permeability between dreaming states and waking states is much larger than we thought before. Dreams are complex laboratories of thoughts and very effective rehearsals for crises situations.

Especially now, when humanity is confronting with multiple crises, asking imperatively for intelligent solutions, we need all our thinking possibilities, including those inherent to the mind architecture of dreaming.

There is also another point here, essential in the education of children and adults as well: the social reality is performative (Searle, 1995). Social phenomenons appear because we affirm them and we act in the direction of their apparition.They are not like mountains or volcanoes or oceans, which are independently of our words, deeds, wishes. They are more similar to dreams. Human rights, for instance, grew from a performative input of a tiny group of dreamers. It took centuries and it is still far from being completely realized, but a tiny group of people changed the social reality by adding to it "human rights". Fitness for dreamers` goal is of using performing arts and modal logic to train little groups like that..

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performing social dreaming scores

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