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panDREAMia | the land of unsuspended dreams
collection of dreams & sound installation
work in progress / Carambach / 2020

The latest researches in sleep and dream neuroscience (D. Barrett & P. McNamara, Baylor G. W. & Deslauriers D., Cartwright R., E. Hartmann, J. A. Hobson, & so on) showed that dreams are essential tools for our creative problem-solving abilities and that the permeability between dreaming states and waking states is much larger than we thought before. With a similar drive as the one behind fitness for dreamers workshop and manifesto, I`ve initiated panDREAMia, a collection of dreams, most of them dreamed during the COVID -19 pandemic. Besides making a map of relevant narratives during crises times, it invites you to a social dreaming exercise that might help seeing things in a fresh and unexpected light. Dreams are wonderful ways of thinking and very effective rehearsals for crises situations. Especially now, when humanity is confronting with huge problems, problems that ask imperatively for intelligent solutions, we need all our brains, all our thinking possibilities, including those very creative ones, inherent to the mind architecture of dreaming..

Please join this dreamers chorus by sending me the story of your dreams.

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