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Adriana Chiruta Virginia Woolf Villa Rohannec'hAdriana Chiruta
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dancing with Woolf
sound and performative installation with used table paper cloths

april, 2019, Saint-Brieuc, Villa Rohannec'h


During ”A villa of one’s own. A mobile residency for 10 actors and 2 locations”

curated by Anca Verona Mihuleț, Iris Ordean & Isabelle Henrion,

Romania - France Season 2019

To overcome the contemplation deficit of our hiperactive societies
by transforming our own lives in art institutions
by getting that priceless sensation of thrillingly living the instances of your days and nights
like a priviledged visitor of multiple personal galleries or performance spaces,
To get into the mood of converting in dance, music, litterature
something as ordinary as a lunch with its` stains left on a used table paper cloths,


This is the invitation launched to the visitors in dancing with Woolf ,the first piece of Tasting Life Series.
The real work of art here is in fact the involuntary dance that the public is performing while their sight travel over Virginia Woolf`s text about a lunch, written on some used table paper cloths, the sound around rhythming the passion of her writing with my voice. Having a postmaterial target, all the materials and the sound work are not used for themselves,
but as a coreographic installation for the dance of the public.


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